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Paspartout documentation for 'pages'

How do I define the homepage?

By default your portfolio is the homepage but you can set any page as homepage, even a project. To change your homepage go to the 'pages' tab in Pa... last updated: 09/01/2012 difficulty: easy

How do I define the order of the main pages?

This is a really easy one. Head over to the pages menu in your Paspartout admin:You will notice that if you roll over a page with your mouse a drag... last updated: 09/01/2012 difficulty: easy

How do I change the order of projects?

To change the position / order of projects in your portfolio click on the "edit position" button on the right in the toolbar:The project thumbs wil... last updated: 18/02/2012 difficulty: easy

Additional fields

With a Paspartout Pro, Biz or Shop account you can add extra fields with your own label to Portfolio, Blog and Shop pages. This is very useful if f... last updated: 04/07/2012 difficulty: hard