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Additional fields

last updated: 04/07/2012
difficulty: hard
licenses: Shop, Biz
With a Paspartout Pro, Biz or Shop account you can add extra fields with your own label to Portfolio, Blog and Shop pages. This is very useful if for example you want to add a "client" to your projects. The data you enter in those additional fields is not available in the default Paspartout theme though. You will need to create a html template and modify it in order to visualise those additional values. If you know how to do this it is very easy get this working.

First of all, you need to create the additional fields. This can be done by selecting the page settings in your pages menu:


And adding a new field:


Then you will have the "client" field available in all of the children (in this case projects) of that page:


Now, in order to visualise this additional field you will need to write some HTML and Liquid. If you have not already, create a project template. All additional fields will be available in the fields variable: 

{% if fields.client %}<div class="client">{{ fields.client }}</div>{% endif %}