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HTML in Paspartout - 4. Images

last updated: 15/02/2012
difficulty: medium
licenses: Shop, Pro, Biz
Uploading images for HTML in Paspartout is quite straightforward. Head over to the "images" tab of your theme editor and choose an image:

When the image is uploaded copy its code (e.g. $image_123;):


Enter the image code into the src attribute of your img tag in HTML:

<img src="$image_123;" alt="my beautiful image" />

Yes, that's it!

Now the best thing, if you're not satisfied with the image you uploaded you don't need to delete, re-upload and change the code. Simply click on the image and choose a new one from your computer. By doing so the code reference will remain the same and you don't need to touch your HTML code again.

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