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Image editor

last updated: 09/01/2012
difficulty: easy
licenses: Free, Plus, Pro, Biz, Edu, Shop
Paspartout comes with a great built-in image editor. 


The image editor will open in which you can change the size and orientation of the image but also improve the color and add effects. Att the bottom left you'll find two tabs. Here is a small summary of the possibilities.

Size & Orientation


Quick fit
Provides you with a single click action to make the image fit in its context.
This button is not always present.

Select a part of the image you want to isolate.

Decrease or increase the size of the image.

Left 90º
Rotate the image left of counter clockwise.

Right 90º
Rotate the image right on clockwise

Flip the image over the horizontal axis

Flip the image over the vertical axis.

Colors & Effects


Cheange the tone of the image. If you don't add color and staying at the bottom of the triangle and movinf from left to right the exposure of the image will be changed.

Warmer, Colder, Greyscale, Sepia, Glow and Sharpen
Well, they speak for themselves.

Note: the Colors & Effects section does not give you visual feedback in Internet Explorer. You will need to hit the ‘Apply’ button to see the result. All other modern browsers do support this feature (like FireFoxGoogle ChromeSafari or Opera).

(image courtesy of MICK & WOUT)

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