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Using Google Webmaster Tools

last updated: 09/01/2012
difficulty: medium
licenses: Shop, Plus, Pro, Biz
If you want to get a better view on how Google reads your site you can use Google Webmaster Tools. After creating an account you will need to add your site in the Webmaster tools admin:


Then enter the address of your site:


After doing that you will be asked to verify ownership. Click on the "Alternate methods" tab and select the "meta tag" option:


Copy only the "contents" of the meta tag, without the double quotes (the part marked green in the screenshot below):


Head over to the "advanced" section in the settings of your Paspartout admin and add the key in the Google site verification field:


Click on save, go back to google webmaster tools and click verify. Your site is now verified and will appear in Google Webmaster Tools.

Read the quickstart on Google Webmaster Tools to get you started.

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